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  • Rolex Explorer II Replica

    Quick facts: Indications/functions: clock (hours and minutes), Rolex Explorer II Replica barometer (air pressure), thermometer (air temperature), hygrometer (air humidity) - 376mm in diameter x Rolex Explorer II Replica 209mm in height - 531 components in steel, Rolex Explorer II Replica brass and bronze - 15kg - available in 3 colours - Clock movement by L'Epee:Rolex Explorer II Replica 124mm in diameter x 92mm in height - 2.5 Hz (18,000vph) frequency - 8-day power reserve, hand-wound - 161 components - CHF 52,000 (ex. Taxes - Visit for more information.Rolex Explorer II Replica

    We all know URWERK because of its ferociously contemporary Rolex Explorer II Replica watches with satellite display. Unknown is the fascination Frei and Baumgartner, the founders, have for Rolex Explorer II Replica watchmaking Rolex Explorer Replica Watches history and watchmaking. What happens when creativity is combined with the old concept of the Rolex Explorer II Replica Sympathique Clocks, which Breguet developed? The result is the URWERK MC. This is a modern interpretation of Breguet’s concept. It has a base (the master clock), which is a proper atomic timepiece that can adjust, wind and regulate a wristwatch (the slave watch). If the master clock doesn't have a mechanical regulator, then the regulating, adjusting, and watch-winding operations are all mechanical.Rolex Explorer II Replica

  • Rolex Explorer II Replica

    The mother clock, a spaceship-shaped piece of aluminum measuring 45cm by 30cmx18cm, is the AMC atomic timekeeper. It will keep Rolex Explorer II Replica almost perfect time and be accurate within one second in 317 year. The master clock will rewind and adjust the Rolex Explorer II Replica URWERK wristwatch to the correct time, and if necessary, adjust the rate - all this through a series mechanical triggers and pins. There will be three pieces (incl. One for URWERK, with a retail value of over EUR 1,000,000 Rolex Explorer II Replica

    Quick facts: AMC Watch: Mechanical in-house Movement, 4Hz Rolex Explorer II Replica Frequency and 80h Power Reserve - Seconds, minutes and hours, years – Balance rate adjustment and synchronisation of seconds and minutes - Mother clock is YIG Rolex Explorer II Replica Replica Rolex Explorer (yttrium Iron Garnet) and rubidium Atomic Clock - Aluminum case with cradle. - Functions : Manual winding of AMC wristwatch, GPS sync, setting time zones, leap second one-second adjustment), reset Rolex Explorer II Replica